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Understanding Google’s PageSpeed Insights (2018)

How does the Speed Score work? The Google PageSpeed Insights tool is a free tool that helps you identify areas of improvement for your website by bench marking the speed and optimisation of your website against other websites. As of December 2017, w3schools report that 77% of people are using the Chrome browser.

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Top 5 Common SEO Myths People Believe (2017)

Using Keywords in CSS/Javascript helps rank There are over 200 signals for ranking in Google and also a lot of outdated or wrong factors for increasing rank – here are the top 5 common misconceptions. This theory was quickly debunked with experiment pages, people believed including your keywords in your websites code through

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Why Optimised Mobile Sites are Crucial for SEO (2017)

When the iPhone was launched in 2007, the mobile web has continued to grow year on year. How important is mobile optimisation? The term mobile web refers to websites that are accessed through mobile devices and are mobile friendly, these websites are usually created on a sub-domain ( or responsive to the screen

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Google’s Search Quality Raters – What You Need To Know

A couple of years ago Google released a 160-page PDF document used by their Quality Raters, this document provided insight into what Google really wants from your website at a user-experience level, not just algorithmic level. What is a Google Search Quality Rater? There are over 10,000 people contracted worldwide by Google to

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Top 8 SEO Strategies for Christchurch

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), let me explain briefly what it is. Websites that are optimised for search engines appear higher in Google when people search the keywords they have optimised for. Each page on your website is generally specific to an audience that will use certain

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How to Identify & Recover from Google Penalties

Unfortunately, there are no websites or tools that can identify 100% whether or not your website is penalised. At best, there are websites which read your Analytics and map dates against Google’s Algorithm changes to highlight any correlation between traffic drops. Identifying there is a problem It’s likely that you suspect your

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Search Engine Optimisation isn’t only for Google, it’s also about improving the user experience and getting conversions on your site. When combined with digital marketing (especially Google Ads), your advertising costs are reduced and performance increased.

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