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Google Display Ad Sizes (Visual Examples)

Advertising on Google's Display Network expands your reach from Google search to websites around the world (including YouTube). Below are the exact dimensions you will use for advertising, right click and view the image then copy to use as a template. This will allow you to see which size is best for you and

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How to use & claim Trademark brands with Google Ads

Can you stop people using your brand in keywords? If you are using AdWords to promote or sell branded products you may find that your ads will be disapproved due to copyright. Most of the time your ads are disapproved due to one of these reasons: Incorrect or inaccurate URLs Unnecessary capitalisation

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Advertising with Google Ads (Pay More to Win?)

How can you can you compete against large companies with unlimited budgets? There’s limited space on Google to show ads and everyone wants the top 4 positions, if Google AdWords uses a Pay Per Click (PPC) bidding model then surely your larger competition will increase their bids to push your ads out of site?

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Google Ads Christchurch

Google Ads allows you to reach placements on Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) by paying instead of ranking. You bid on your keyword against competitors to reach higher positions. Advertising on the Google Display Network reaches over 80% of internet users, making it hard not to find customers. When creating a campaign to

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Why Pay for AdWords When You Can Rank With SEO?

Optimising your website for keywords contained in your AdWords Campaigns will increase your quality score for those keywords/search terms which reduces the cost per click and increases your ad position. Higher ad positions allow you to display more ad features such as callouts for offers or sitelinks for additional URLs. AdWords Search Terms feature collects

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Search Engine Optimisation isn’t only for Google, it’s also about improving the user experience and getting conversions on your site. When combined with digital marketing (especially Google Ads), your advertising costs are reduced and performance increased.

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