Facebook advertising is one of the fastest growing online marketing channels with a reach of over 1 billion people.

Advertising on Facebook

Facebook Ads are a lot different from boosting posts on Facebook, you are required to set-up a business manager account and Ad account with Facebook to start creating ads.

Once you have your account ready, you can start creating ad campaigns which are structured like this:

  • Campaign – define your buying type, campaign objective and budget
  • Ad sets – set the dates your ads will run, audience, and platform placements
  • Ads – create your ad (or select the post you would like to run as an ad), create specific content for the placements and link with your pixel

If you would like help with your Facebook Ads, contact me for more information.

The Facebook Pixel is a tracking tool similar to Google Analytics, once installed you can track events and conversions on your website then create audiences around this.

These audiences can be very specific, for example if you are receiving a lot of traffic to a product page but no one is purchasing, you can group these behaviours into an audience then create an ad campaign offering a discount.

You can also create lookalike audiences of people who have purchased on your website and target these people with your ads. The pixel will also measure the results giving you a cost-per-conversion for your marketing budget.


If you’re interested in advertising with Facebook Ads, contact me for more information – whether you need a campaign created from scratch or help with your current campaign, I’m happy to help.



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