Working non-stop can be tiresome and it can be useful to have a break sometimes, when you search certain keywords you can make Google do some pretty cool stuff.

Google has come a long way since it’s launch in 1998 and not just by look and feel.


Not only is it useful for finding answers to the most obscure questions, you can now use it to procrastinate and delay work. These are the current 10 tricks for 2017, there used to be more but have been lost with the latest releases of Google.

Google Search: recursion

Recursion is a joke the Google devs slipped in. The term Recursion means the repeated application of a recursive procedure or definition which could be searching the same thing over and over in Google.

Google Search: do a barrel roll


This simple little search makes the screen do a barrel roll. This was started from a meme based on the World War 1 biplanes dog-fighting maneuver of rolling mid air to dodge the enemy. This was included in a Super Nintendo game and then picked up by 4chan who would prank call Tom Green and request him to do a barrel roll.

Google Search: flip a coin

If you’re undecided on a decision and don’t have a coin at your disposal, only the internet, then type this phrase into Google for a random coin toss.

Google Search: askew

Askew or previously known as tilt, adjusts the screen to have Google appear to be tilted. Only useful for the one search, anything after will erase the tilt.

Google Search: google pacman


Here’s where the procrastination will start, Google created a doodle of their logo in 2010 which was in celebration of Pac Man. This doodle allowed you to play Pac Man, due to the popularity they decided to integrate into the search.

Google Search: [famous person] bacon number


The bacon number is the degrees of separation between Kevin Bacon and name entered. There are forum boards with users trying to find the highest bacon numbers.

Enter a famous person followed by bacon number and you will be displayed the links between Kevin and the person.

Google Search: google in 1998


This was how Google looked when it launched in 1998. You can also use the Wayback Machine to see how other websites looked when they launched. For example, this is what Trademe looked like when it first launched:


Google Search: anagram


This one’s another joke the Google devs have put in there. Playing on the meaning of the word anagram, Google will suggest your search was meant to be nag a ram as opposed to anagram.

Google Search: zerg rush


Zerg rush is term used in gaming, for example the first-person shooter Counter Strike, players will call to rush or zerg certain areas like “Rush Bridge”.

The search phrase will start a game within Google where you need to shoot the circles before they destroy the search results.

Google Image Search: atari breakout


Breakout is an Atari game which was very popular and Google decided to create this game in celebration of Breakouts 37th anniversary.

Go to Google’s image search and type atari breakout, your results will become the blocks and you can use your keys/mouse to control the paddle.

You can see the hidden secrets which are no longer available on Google at

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