8 Vital Components Every Website Needs


To know what is working and what isn’t we will either request access to your Analytics and Search Console or install and validate your site to use these tools.

Competitor Research

By performing competitor research we can start to gauge what will help you and how we can set you apart from your competitors.

Target Audience

A task which should be developed overtime not just a one off, creating personas of your audience focuses efforts on reaching your future customers.

Website Goals

Every website has been created for a reason, you should be measuring this with goal tracking, if you do not have any goals set to achieve what is the reason for having a website?

Conversion Optimisation

Making it easy for your audience to complete your goals should take priority over complicated designs and functionality – this doesn’t make an ugly site, just don’t confuse people.

Search Engine Friendly

Search engines such as Google have made it clear what they want you to do, follow these rules and you will be rewarded.


Arguably not vital, but very beneficial to the success of your website. See why Search Engine Marketing compliments other efforts here.